What is Progio?

This supplement is used to control the symptoms of progressive MS. This pill contains 100 mg of biotin, which is used to control the symptoms of progressive MS.

cGMP can have beneficial effects on neuronal survival and brain function in a number of ways, such as: mimicking neurotrophic activity that inhibits apoptosis while increasing flexibility, promoting oligodendrocytes, and increasing the production of neurotrophic factors. Schwann cells have a mediating role in long-term potentiation, suppression of amyloid beta synthesis, anti-inflammatory effect on cerebral arteries, aid in neurogenesis and prevention of atherogenesis, and hypertrophic regeneration in cerebral circulation. High doses of biotin easily reach the brain and can directly stimulate cGC.

How should I take Progio?

The recommended dose is 3 tablets a day in the morning, noon and night.

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