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Our History

ZiastArvandpharmed Company was established in 2005. The purpose of establishing the company is to design and produce solid pharmaceutical forms with an innovation approach. This company is the first manufacturer of dalfampridine under the brand name “Dalfira” in Iran, which is used to improve motor symptoms in patients with MS. The beginning of the company’s activity was in the form of contract production, but after a few years, the company’s production site was finally purchased in 2015 with the aim of developing activities. The company’s production site is located in “Pardis Technology Park” in the east of Tehran and has 4 floors including production lines, quality control, storerooms, facilities and office spaces. The area of ​​clean rooms is over 1000 square meters.

With scientific and experimental support in the design of solid pharmaceutical forms, the main activity of the company is focused on the manufacturing of products that are new and have used new technologies. Due to the importance of quality discussion in products, the principle of continuous improvement is one of the most important ones in quality-related processes.

All of the company’s products are manufactured in accordance with GMP principles and international guidelines such as PIC / S. Accordingly, the company’s production site has been inspected and approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Our Strategy


design and produce solid pharmaceutical forms with an innovation approach

focusing on the production of new products

Devotion to honesty and respect principals in work

Our Policy


Here, in Arvandpharmed, we are trying to write a story together that leads to better treatment, better health and a community with bright insight. A story that started in 2005 and we didn’t put an END to it. We are committed to present the best quality by focusing on the development of pharmaceutical product lines and the most advanced technology with experienced professionals. Our commitment reflects how we perform and the goal we try to achieve.




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Tehran, 20th km of Damavand Road, Pardis Technology Park,  Noavari 16